Naughty or Nice: Which Would Bubbie Choose?

by Erica Intzekostas on March 20, 2014

My Bubbie always told me I should find a “nice Jewish boy” to settle down with. I dutifully did as my Bubbie advised. But what about all the nice Jewish single women who are still looking for their nice Jewish soulmate? Where are they to find a future husband to make a Jewish home with? Luckily for them there’s the Nice Jewish Guys calendar, which can be ordered from There they can find photos and bios of “nice Jewish guys” that they can take “home to Mom”. And Bubbie of course, let’s not forget Bubbie.

But, oh no! What if instead these nice Jewish women get confused and inadvertently stumble upon a different calendar, one that features naughty Jewish boys?! (Funny, my Bubbie never warned me about the naughty variety of Jewish boys.) Well, apparently, there really is such a thing as naughty Jewish boys, and they can soon be found lurking on the pages of the Naughty Jewish Boys calendar, which is still in production but can be pre-ordered from

In an effort to save these young naive Jewish women and their hopeful adoring Bubbies from inadvertently purchasing a calendar filled with naughty Jewish boys (and making sure these nice Jewish women stay on the right path to Jewish marital bliss), the owners of the Nice Jewish Guys calendar and their lawyers sent a letter to the makers of the Naughty Jewish Boys calendar asking them to stop promoting these Naughty Jewish Boys calendars so as not to “cause confusion in the marketplace.” But alas, the owners of the Naughty Jewish Boys calendars are refusing to back down, claiming that “aside from the existence of Jewish males in the calendar our aspirations are different.” I think my Bubbie would agree that their aspirations are indeed different. I also think my Bubbie would not have been at all confused  … and most likely would have chosen the Nice Jewish Guys calendar for her daughters and granddaughters.

From a legal standpoint, the “what would Bubbie do?” question is an important one, because at the heart of a trademark infringement claim is the question of whether the average target consumer is likely to be confused. So if this case actually goes to court, a judge will have to decide whether Bubbies and young single Jewish women are likely to be confused between a calendar featuring nice Jewish males and one featuring naughty Jewish males. In the meantime, all the Bubbies can continue to do everything in their power, including purchasing Nice Jewish Boys calendars (and forsaking the Naughty ones), to make sure their daughters and granddaughters find nice Jewish boys. Now excuse me while I put in my pre-order …

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