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EU votes to impose restrictions on US travel

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While the big news in US travel has been President Donald Trump’s travel ban, there are indications that travel to the US has become more difficult for travelers from all around the world, including valuable trading partners like Western Europe and Asia. While much of that has been anecdotal, reports of overzealous border controls and immigration raids would appear to be impacting travel to the US. The Economist reported that searches for flights to the US dropped 17% since Trump became president, with business travel dropping 3.4% in the week following the order. Based on our office’s experience, travel to the US, even for business travelers from Europe, has become a more unpredictable experience than before.

Now it looks like the EU is preparing to make American travelers to Europe share in the pain. According to a report in the Independent, the EU has passed a non-binding resolution recommending that US citizens no longer be permitted to travel within the EU visa-free. If implemented, US travelers could be forced to apply for visas for travel within Europe within a little over one years’ time. The EU has also been considering a registration requirement for US travelers to Europe which would presumably be similar to the US ESTA program. While both changes have been under consideration for some time, the timing certainly suggests that US policies have bolstered support for actions which might otherwise hurt the European travel industry.

Whatever the long term results of this resolution, business travelers from both sides of the Atlantic can reckon with more bureaucracy and less flexibility when planning travel, at least until tensions between the US and EU lessen. Travelers to the US, even from visa waiver countries, should consider applying for a visa before traveling, particularly if they’ve traveled to the Middle East or other areas with connections to terrorism.